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My name is Nora.
I'm not your average girl.
I like strange things, places, and people.
Music is my best friend.
I'm a writer and a dreamer.
Taken and in love.
I love tattoos & self-destruction.

Loves: David Cook. Simple Plan. Avenged Sevenfold. Marianas Trench. All Time Low. Corey Taylor. Castle. +

Vintage Icons

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I’m skipping day 2, because I answered that in my last post. 

Day 3: Your first opinion of Hazel. 

I think my first opinion was simple. I think she understood the cancer more then the people around her. She had been dealing with her sickness for so long it seemed as if she knew it had become part of her. But was willing to still live until her time was up. 

I also feel like she was scared, scared of the fact Gus loved her before he even told her. 

How did I find out about the book? 

I’ve always been a John Green fan. Always. I’ve read every one of his books, so when he was still writing TFIOS I think I already had it preordered. I have one of the signed copies. I got it the day it came out and read the whole thing that day. 


Day 1: How did you learn about the book?

Day 2: Have you read any of John Green’s other novels?

Day 3: Your first opinion of Hazel?

Day 4: How did you imagine Hazel?

Day 5: Your first opinion of Augustus?

Day 6: How did you imagine Augustus?

Day 7: Favorite scene? Why?

Day 8: Favorite…

I’m like seriously about to do this. <3 


You gave me a forever within the numbered days


You gave me a forever within the numbered days

I guess this post has been a long time in the making… I’ve come to terms with so much lately, and I feel like typing will clear my head. 

First and foremost, I’m so sick of everyone trying to stress me out about almost every part of my life. Do you understand what a panic attack is? I don’t believe you, if you answered yes, because you never seem to want to prevent mine… and if you did you would keep your mouth closed about certain things. 

He makes everything better. I can’t explain it and honestly I don’t know why, but being with him spending every minute I have with him gives me hope. When we’re together I feel like I have a future. He is my future. 

So let me alone. Yes… he comes first now… and I know sometimes that may not be the right choice… but he keeps me happy, and I finally know I deserve to be happy. 

I have also realized that you can’t control life all the time… but I can take control of who I want in my life at this moment… and I need him. So basically what I’m saying is once you find someone that makes you as happy as he makes me you don’t let that person go. 

I find comfort in the fact I might very well spend the rest of my life with this boy… it also scares the hell out of me. But I love him, and it makes me happy to believe we can one day get married. 

Anyways, all this talk is basically me thinking out loud, but it’s helping. I just can’t understand how the people that say they care about you, don’t realize when i’ve finally found something makes me believe in life. 

Before I fell in love a lot of things didn’t make sense… and I guess they still don’t but more things do now. I know so much more just by having his love. 

And this all probably sounds corny but I don’t give a fuck anymore. 

I found my place and it’s next to him. 

I’m done for now…. 

I&#8217;m in love. 💞 #boyfriend #love #smiles #nighttime #night #happy #happiness #couple #messyhair

I’m in love. 💞 #boyfriend #love #smiles #nighttime #night #happy #happiness #couple #messyhair


Philippe Fernandez 

I really want a piece like this. 


Philippe Fernandez 

I really want a piece like this.